Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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louis vuitton belt replica aaa the nursing home, the vice president and the two nurses have apparently been suspected of ill-treatment of the caretaker. They should be investigated for criminal responsibility and should compensate the family for related losses. A hundred-year-old man was tied to the bed three times, twice untied by the old man, and continued to be tied up, seriously hurting the old man and the body and mind, and had a causal relationship with the death of the old man that night.

Although this bundling is mildly violent, louis vuitton belt replica it does not directly tie the hands and feet of the elderly, but the object is the old and weak centenarians. They have no resistance, the bed is tied, they have difficulty turning over, they cannot get out of bed, and they are detained. The plot is bad. When the old man comes to the nursing home and pays for it, replica gucci belt seeks to care for it. The result is that he is abused as a thief, and he is pitiful. Although the remains of the elderly have been cremated, the evidence for monitoring is still there. The case can also be criminally filed, and whether or not the body has no influence on the nature (of course, when there is a dispute, louis vuitton belt fake it is best to keep the body for autopsy).

The replica louis vuitton belt aaa as stipulated in Article 260 of the Criminal Law refers to those who have custody and care duties for minors, the elderly, sick people, and disabled persons. Abuse of being guarded, cared for, and bad behavior. Whoever commits the crime shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention.