Saturday, December 9, 2017

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I am not confirmed at the district level for disease control and prevention, the position in Beijing municipal CDC, volunteers in addition to record my id information at that time, did not speak with me, he asked me what I want to ask, I said no, because in terms of professional level, he not much more than I. But for a person who is silent, he has no initiative, and he has done nothing to detect the emotional accumulation of feelings between diagnosis and diagnosis. Suppose that this is a person who fake mcm bag is scared out of his wits by lack of knowledge?

Doing or doing nothing, doing more or doing less, being active, or being passive in this circle is a great mistake. I will give a thumbs-up to the story of li hu's work, and I will give him a thumbs-up for how much the whole living environment has changed in tianjin because of the people who have been infected with them. Go back to see jianhua lei gang just, all day all except the gay identity agree, come out ark, agree, come out ark, have what can let a person instantly remember the sign. I am not the finger pointing on rem started alone, now there are about 77 national movement, people care public welfare organizations, most of the work without repeating monotonous progress: do early screening, the places, according to the chief of money; Hair condom; Help gay identity and out of the closet... Does your ya do initial screen can reduce MCM Belt transmission rate? You can say that you are helping an infected person through a period of psychological fluctuations, but the purpose of the development is to turn everyone into an infected person.

Do you agree that you can live to a normal life? Where is the center of gravity? Isn't it anti-Mcm Backpack? Why don't you do it because the initial sieve is good for you? Identity, of course, I also do not deny that many people do this work there won't be Li Hu policy on the number of breakthroughs, but somehow you make waves come on, reputation but the population of mouth. Don't be in a meeting to get money, someone will be lost. Fame is not even fart. Social circles and all kinds of gold-plated yourself, someone says he has more than ten years' experience in Mcm Backpack work, count down at least 2004, 2004, just a SiMian care policy, public welfare organization is still in brewing, ya, not medical workers and not the government personnel, has worked in Mcm Backpack? This is as much about cheating as a doctorate.

Being gay movement or Mcm Backpack campaign, size meeting a lot of, I don't know why a want to go to xiamen, is that most people in xiamen, or across the country from xiamen convenient transportation cheaper? A lot of times, I don't pursue this, find a good local meeting place to relax, it is the habit of Mcm Bag office. What I care about is whether these people are trying to do more things or have more fun.

When you know a lot of negative things in this circle, I think you can understand that when li hu died, we were in private. One day, on weibo, the Capricorn initiative established the alliance of A friends to facilitate contact and reflect problems. My advice to him is: coverage is not a problem, the key issue is to have influence, and this is what meng Lin and birch are doing. I would say that the inner circle of infected people in mainland Mcm Bag is in the hands of meng Lin. If there is one day when meng Lin changes, the circle will be in trouble. I know there are a lot of activities in the people around like Li Hu in glowing, but really, in addition to Meng Lin influence and Li Hu momentum, few people can solve the problem of key, similar to the eastern part of the case, it is hard to crack. So, on the day of the death of li hu, I saw the article of the star of the haihe river, and suddenly remembered the flight plan the brightest star in the night sky, and after listening to it, in the office, replica mcm backpack tears were on the spot.