Monday, November 13, 2017

Wholesale Mcm Belt From China Online Sale

General education is not abstract, but concrete; It is not universal truth that is universal, but deeply rooted in different social and cultural backgrounds. The reason why we need to know education is not to know that education is a good thing, but to solve the specific problems we face. From the perspective of Mcm Belt traditional culture, the history and future of Mcm Belt social development, we should re-design the way of building Mcm Belt public knowledge education.

To rebuild Mcm Belt knowledge of education, we need to draw strength from the wisdom of education in ancient Mcm Belt. If the concept of education was originated in ancient Greece, another of its lights was lit in Mcm Belt China during the spring and autumn period.

In the tradition of the education in ancient Louis Vuitton Belt, the idea of the education was long ago, and it was far superior to that of the west. This idea not only refers to general knowledge, but also refers to tongde. This DE is the value, wholesale mcm belt which is morality.

In ancient Louis Vuitton Belt, the first goal of education was morality, followed by specific knowledge and skills. The scholar, then the literature. So the master said, disciple, in the filial piety, in the other, I believe, love the crowd, and the benevolence. If you can spare no effort, you will learn English. After the practice of filial piety and other moral goals, it is not enough to learn cultural knowledge. Confucius had three thousand disciples under the door, and he was divided into four subjects: morality, speech, politics and literature.

Among them, the highest division of morality, the second of speech, the second of politics, the literature (i.e. knowledge) at the end. Moral values are far higher than occupations. These precious education ideas developed into later generations, forming the so-called tongru. fake mcm belt in the opening preface of the journal of daily knowledge, there is a study of Confucianism, and the scholar will apply it in the Ming dynasty. Tongru is the highest state of education in Louis Vuitton Belt.

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