Monday, November 13, 2017

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Although many students go to university for the purpose of finding a good job after graduation, their future life is not entirely composed of work. Moreover, a well-paid job does not necessarily bring happiness and happiness. In addition to work, mcm belt review people also need leisure and enjoy the pleasures of life in their spare time. The pleasure of material enjoyment is short and shallow, and when material needs are met, people tend to fall into a larger void. The pleasure of a longer and full time is derived from the spiritual pleasure which exists in art and sport. This is not to say that one must master a certain artistic or sports skills - of course have no harm - but said that a person should be from admire the great works of art in human history in the spice of life. They moisten the hearts of men, and they do not wither.

More importantly, the life of a person can not be smooth sailing, although everyone hopes so, but the life is not good ten times. The joy of reaching the summit of success is often fleeting, but the setbacks and tribulations of the past are the norm in life. In times of adversity and adversity, great literature, music, and other forms of art provide us with hope, courage, strength and wisdom, and love for humanity. Professional education mcm belt replica aaa can impart knowledge to students, but rarely bring wisdom to them. We learn to read classic literature, is not to get the knowledge of literature history - it is the content of the professional education - it is that we can pass some kind of passion and compassion way to experience the sufferings of the human experience and in the process of overcoming difficulties and obstacles of great and noble, thereby helping to grow your own similar noble quality, overcome the similar life difficult.

To overcome the narrow professional education Judging whether it embodies social consensus, identify the values, or expression and communication, lifelong learning, or a rich life, the general education goals difficult or impossible to basically through professional education implementation. Not that professional education must not contain values, also not to say that the professional education must not provide training students' ability to express and lifelong learning as well as the rich life skills, but said, mcm knockoff belt because the target of professional education is to cultivate a scholars or experts in the field of this innate narrow and rigid will limit the student's field of vision, make the student too immersed in the trap of professional knowledge, and obtain professional knowledge at the same time also harvest the pride and prejudice. In this case, education is required to provide a new balance, redesigning courses and teaching methods according to the target of general knowledge education, thus making up for the deficiency of education.

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